Qbic Hotel, Winter 2013

When Qbic opened in 2013, Wallpaper announced, "Qbic London City Hotel represents a step change in the world of hospitality." One feature of the hotel which they marked out for regard were the interiors. Forest was commissioned to supply furniture as well as style key public spaces in the 171 room, East London hotel, and we did so in a manner befitting the quirkiness of the Qbic brand. Our mid century furniture with its inherent individuality and dynamism was reupholstered in bright, fresh upholstery to convey the fun ethos that pervades the hotel. Qbic London City is the Qbic company's first hotel outside of their native Amsterdam and so we selected furniture that alluded to their Dutch heritage: Friso Kamer Revolt chairs add an urban, industrial edge whilst Cees Braakman FT30 armchairs offer a calming, enveloping seat opposite the vibrancy of the yellow banquette. By styling our furniture alongside a mixture of accessories including vintage ceramics and books as well as commissioning terrariums unique to the hotel, the public spaces offer guests a homey respite from their forays into the city. 

Photo Credits: Rebecca Waters


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