'Metamorphosis' by Tracey Tubb is exhibited at Forest London until 7 August 2014


Metamorphosis follows on the heels of artist and designer Tracey Tubb’s previous exhibits in the Geffrye Museum’s ‘Useful Beautiful’ and at St. David’s in Forest Hill. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012, Tracey has continued to explore the transformative possibilities of paper to create startling 3D wall coverings and framed paper art works. Setting out with no plan or finished image in mind, Tracey lets the process transform the paper from a flat surface to a complex example of geometric origami. Her work highlights the potentials of the medium, variously pleating, folding and stitching it to create simultaneously intricate and textured, whilst understated and minimalist, pieces. Tracey enjoys testing the known technique of origami to create something new from it and the resulting impression is paradoxically timeless and contemporary, much like the mid-century furniture housed in Forest.


Metamorphosis will feature framed art works as well as a number of examples of larger wall coverings available on commission. Please join us at Forest on Thursday the 17th July from 6pm to 9pm for a private view of the exhibition, which will continue for three weeks through to 7th August.

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