Four Dining Chairs by Louis van Teeffelen


Stunning set of four 1960s teak dining chairs, designed by Louis van Teeffelen with skai (imitation leather) upholstery. On one of the chairs - the one that is shown in the single chair images- there is a small indent and near tear as it's not teared through the two layers but has through the top. It is not too apparent, however the chairs are easily reupholstered as the pads easily come off.

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H: 77cm // W: 48cm // D: 50cm // SH: 49

About the Designer

Dutch designer Louis van Teeffelen may not yet be a household name, however, on the basis of his designs he certainly deserves to be. His various models are united by the same deft handling of wood which lends a sculptural quality to their frames. Legs curve at extraordinary angles, tabletops float above the surface and seat backs hover in the air.


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