Grandezza Chairs by Lena Larsson


Distinctive wooden armchair designed by female Swedish designer, Lena Larsson, for Nesto. The chair is marked by her signature pared back style which allows the beautiful curvature of the birch wood to provide the decoration.  Price includes new upholstery of the cushions.  Two chairs available, though sold separately.



 W: 58cm // D: 66cm // H: 91cm // SH: 40cm

Lena Larsson

Lena Larsson is one of just a few mid century female designers and sadly, her name is not as recognised as many of her male counterparts despite her distinctive and clever designs. Lena devoted much of her energies to designing for Sweden's families, whose living situations she extensively analysed and sought to improve. She wrote in her memoirs, "I wanted to revolutionise the furniture trade". She designed much children's furniture that was startling for taking into account how children actually were (rather than how adults thought they should be), and she was also a pioneer in the production of flat pack furniture which allowed for versatility and trade.


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